Romancing the Mighty Bean - Part 1

"Oh Coffee,  have your wicked way with me!"

Yes, I admit temporary defeat by the mighty bean.  Never did I imagine that I would go on such a journey with a beverage that I have drunk for most of my life.  

Starting in my teens, instant granules -  that "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Nescafé".  A teaspoon of the dried stuff at the bottom of a cup with boiling water, milk and sugar. On Saturdays I would go to the convent to visit with one of the nuns.  A tray with coffee served with boiled milk and sugar along with a digestive biscuit.  

My mother told me, with authority, that the boiled milk would definately constipate me.  There was nothing to be said about the merit of the digestive biscuit!   You would sip on this comforting beverage making sure that the skin that had developed on top would not stick to your lips.  If it did, it could be quite hilarious, and painful!  It was best to accost it and remove with a spoon.  Probably stamp on it and kill it.

In the past two weeks my world of coffee has been rocked.  I had used a percolator for a while with my favourite beans from Costco, suddenly they were no longer available.  I struggled  for a match.  A visit from a dear friend turned my coffee world upside down.  He had ventured into the coffee business and was now roasting his own beans.  He asked if I would try them at my B&B.  I like to support local businesses so without much ado we got together to taste his coffee. He was incredibly organized and his knowledge base, a delight.  This bean took on a whole life of its own.  Carl left me with beans of several strengths and flavours,  digital scales and a top-of-the-line coffee grinder, on loan.   However,  I just couldn't translate his knowledge and expertise into a darn good cup of coffee.  My version was starting to look like innocent water scalded to hell and back.

My new guests had arrived.  We checked them in and I blurted " I like to leave a carafe of coffee in the TV room between 6:30am and 7am.  

It is so important in this day and age to serve good coffee.   We can't match some of the merchants in town but they aren't here at 6.30am!

Part 2    Getting to the heart of the matter..........coming soon