Mittens' Journey

It’s early, but Mittens scratches and gnarls at the crate.

‘ OK, my human, I need to go pee".   It's New Years Eve, and the sun it peeping though the blinds.  I agree it's time at 7.58am.  I thank her for being my little piece of discipline.   I decide not to coax her out of the crate and leave her to her own devices.  Jumping into my slippers I make it to the back door.   She eagerly follows and runs outside for her pee!   

Mittens is calling the shots on this one.  Yea, I have her favourite treat already rolled up, ready to say "Yes" with enthusiasm.  We eat, all three of us.  Susie ( Boston Terrier ) is gaining weight but still quite itchy ( she has allergies) 


This 8 lb ball of fluff has me stomping through the snow in the back yard making a play-maze for us to run in. Yes, me!  I could fall....but she's worth it.

2016 is leaving my life.  What a mixed up crazy year.  I welcome 2017.  I like the number 7.  It's a time of change, and I'm welcoming that change. 

Mittens is teaching me so much, like how to put 2016 behind me and concentrate on her.  To accept, to be flexible, to keep an open mind.  

Tonight she plucked up the courage to take Susie's squeaky toy to her nest under my chair.  Beautifully done.  Possession is 9/10ths of the law.  


Happy New Year.   I have a new alarm clock that whines gently from her crate at 7.58am.  Mittens wants something. I open the patio doors to the trail we shovelled yesterday evening.  YES! she pees on command!   I have her treat ready.  She looks pretty happy.   She starts running around, back and forth from the kitchen to where she is fed.  She is speaking up.  It is such a joy to see her ask and relax enough to do so.  All fed and it's 10:30.  She's chewing on her chew bone.  Mittens prefers to run and jump not walk.  Susie on the other hand isn't doing too well.  Her allergies have become aggressive.  She's very itchy.  She isn’t eating too much either, but I do have her on vegan food again so perhaps she’s just a quick thinker!


Today is February 23rd 2017 and I’m catching up with this piece.  

We have progressed so much.  Mittens is now called Nellie!  Susie and I have benefitted so much from her joining our family.  We do think, though that she is related to a jack rabbit.  I have got to say the people at Rosie's know their stuff.  They know how to match dog to human and they follow up to see that both are doing ok.  The after-care is incredible and they have a wealth of knowledge to share.  

These rescue dogs come with their own baggage; some have had a terrible background. The absolute joy of working with an animal that another human has been cruel to becomes a gift.  I thoroughly believe that these dogs are eternally grateful. Yes, Nellie has changed two lives, mine and Susie’s.    Susie has had 4 significant losses in her little life, a contributor to her allergies could have been quite a bit of stress.  As Nellie grows to trust us, she has found a playmate in Susie.   They now play tug of war, run and play through the house and they are inseparable. They guard the house too.  Susie's allergies are now under control and she is starting to grow much of her coat back.  

I will never, ever buy a dog from a breeder again.  Definitely not a store. I will rescue.  

I can't recommend Rosie's enough.  Not everybody can have a dog from Rosie's in the time they would like because Rosie's want to find the perfect match.  Sometimes we have to wait for that great moment.  

If you wish to be considered for rescuing from Rosie;s Animal Adoption visit for more information.