A Day for a generator!

My trusty generator!    
I had no idea when I bought this house, why I would ever need a generator.   One such old beast came with the house.  
Living through the angry, frigid, damp winters of the east coast of Ireland pales in comparison to what I have experienced on the past 16 years here in Canada.  
Batten down the hatches has a whole new meaning.  
We had window shutters tucked neatly into side panels of every window, the original windows of an 1830s home.  You never changed those windows. Just replaced a pane when it broke.  As a storm edged it's way towards us, we as a family, would close the shutters tightly using an iron bar as the latch.   The fires we set in each bedroom and lit.  We would gather,  all 7 us, in the sitting room, warming ourselves to make that dash up the stairs to bed, with our hot water bottles.  
Not at the level that it does here.   Quebec seems to bring this experience to a whole new level.   I stopped a Quebec hydro worker one day and asked "why"!  "Madam, there are so many old trees".  
That makes sense.   Our hydro wires are still above ground.  
So when you stay at Gite 72 and the Hydro goes out, we switch over to "Fred"!    Our trusty generator.   
Keeping you warm, safe and content at Gite 72.