The Queen Mother has left the building....

Ladies and gentle men, Mesdames et Monsieur's, Noble Lords and Ladies  
A Dhaoine Uaisle.

I am now the former Queen Mum!    Not the late,  but the former Queen Mum!

          The Queen Mum Emeritus. 

We started our evening in fine fettle indeed.  I was joined by some loyal friends for Irish Coffees here at Gite 72.  
Using a good shot of Jamiesons, our Signature Coffee and the most  essential ingredient (besides the coffee ), fresh cream  - 40% MF,  no less.  I lined up my spoons, glasses of hot water, glass of cold; the technique I learned from those fruitful days spent as a Medieval Hostess at Bunratty Castle in Ireland.  Note I did not use the word "Wench"!   
I gingerly balance the tip of the cold spoon against the glass at the line of the coffee.  
Lifting the gently beaten cream with the warm spoon you delicately slide the cream across the back of the spoon.  It will easily slide off and sit perfectly on the top of the coffee/whiskey mix, producing a fine Irish Coffee.  Your lips instantly meet the thick cold cream, then the hot coffee and whiskey.  Perfect. 
Once you have served and drunk at least three of these coffees , this next piece is extremely important,  you hide in the kitchen with a spray can of cream, singing " too la roola too ra" ,  to drown the sound of the aerosol.  

There must be a solid line between the cream and coffee.  Cold then hot!

Some snacks of smoked salmon, on dark rye and Irish Brown Soda bread topped with crème fraîche or Sriracha Mayo.  Some dill. 
For our vegetarian friends, slices of cucumber, egg and creme fraiche.  Cherry tomatoes stuffed with egg salad.  Of course never forget to have the dark chocolate cake with our secret "boozy" cream icing.  

We made our way to Auberge Willow to attend the Queen and her court ceremony.  
Perhaps one or two sheets to the wind!

There, that evening, I handed my reign over to our next wonderful Queen Mum for 2016. 

What a great year.  My gratitude goes out to the team of organizers, the firefighters, paramedics , indeed crowd control WHO keep everybody safe during the march.   
Cunninghams Pub, our Irish pub, our designated headquarters for our wonderful parade.  

In the year 2015 they created a Queen Mum who embraced the title beyond expectations.  
There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that I had a great time.  

                 Merci beaucoup, Thank you, Go raibh mile maith agat.