Romancing the Mighty Bean - Part 2: The Machine

Really for me to give up on the percolator would be similar to calling a halt to a wonderful love affair.  How could I do this to such a loyal machine?  To such a trustworthy, hard-working, machine that understood me so well? 
The day had now arrived where I would unplug it and it would cease to function.  
My heart is broken :(
I have not yet organized a funeral !

A recommendation from two wonderful guests sent me on the hunt for the best domestic machine out there.   After much research I found the one - it had received rave reviews from Americas Test Kitchen and I found it at Union Coffee on Jean Talon.  I now have a brand new 'Bonavita'!   
They recommend 7 to 9 grams of coffee per cup.   I grind the beans at setting of 6.5.   Brewing should be 6 minutes per 8 cups. This appliance has a 1500-watt heater, the highest wattage of any household brewer available, the industry standard being a brewing temperature of 195 - 205º F. Bonavita stays in that range. 
Of course  the quality of coffee is very important too.  We are so fortunate to have excellent coffee beans available to us here in Hudson.  It's just another small way we can contribute to our community.  Check out Mikko and Que de Bonne Choses on Main Road Hudson.  Of course we are soon to release our own private blend here at Gite 72.
The day will come when I will have to part with this wonderful grinder I have on loan.  Another journey to share (details to follow). 

Next blog: The Grind! ( not the dance)