2015 St James' House Tour - 1

The Heat is on!    Great song!

The heat is now on to complete my wish list for this property and I could not have managed to bring it all together on my own.  It would not have happened without the help of Nancy, Mavis and Robin.   What a wonderful team.   

Over the winter I had downloaded many ideas from my favourite App, Houzz, to transform my back yard.   However when quotes and "guesstimates" started rolling in,  our little list began to shrink once more.  Mother Nature was also part of our team along with wonderful neighbours and friends who supply me with their expertise, food, muscle and manpower.   Molly, Kathy, Brett and Hilary, Sheila, Georgina and Al.  

 A local contractor designed the dog run into an L shape.   How great is it to have a contractor who is married to a vet.  It is a wonderful design. The Country Gardner and his team were instrumental in working with the landscaping.   Penney Gardens and those wonderful ladies designed and planted my English flower garden.   

June 2nd

.   I will always live in Peggy Bradshaw's home!   This is what happens in Hudson!  Maybe some day it will be Mins Home !     

June 4th 

I was up up at 5am  to apply finishing touches to the property. At 9am my doors flew open.  Efficiency, style , warmth and confidence arrived. The ladies from St James were here.  They were to take care of every aspect of showing my home for the day in my absence.  Of course Ingrid brought wonderful flower arrangements.  Shiela my neighbour took great care to help also.  This home had transformed in the past year, she had invested a lot of patience and ear plugs   

At 10am, as I left my home in those capable hands,   I needed to eat.   I made my way to the Church as I had heard that there was a wonderful lunch.   You would be serenaded by a string quartet and someone had made banoffee pie.  Hmm wonder who that was ?  

 The following year I donated my dark chocolate Guinness Cake with our boozy frosting.  The cake disappeared immediately into the fridge. One of my guests staying here asked for it and they were warned that there was " Alcohol " in it !! My guests, said " Bring it on"   It was produced, word went around the dining room and it was gone in 5 minutes   

Lunch was, as expected, phenomenal; served by men in Tuxedos. More mature Chippendales!  I hasten to add they were fully clothed.   

 After lunch  I had the courage to sneak back onto Birch Hill and caught a glimpse of people lined up down the street to see my home.  I  gasped as I saw the crowds of happy souls chatting excitedly to each other.  The fact that they were happy deleted that brief thought that the line up resembled that of a a state funeral!

What an incredible experience. 

It's not really about my home though, it's about the local charities that benefit from this wonderful day.  It's about the great community we live in; the volunteers, and the people who visit us each year    

Hudson is the BEST KEPT SECRET west of Montreal. When you give your heart to Hudson  It will borrow a piece and put it in safe keeping for your return. 

Thank you for my wonderful award of Home of Choice for the day.  Its my absolute pleasure to be part of this wonderful event.