2015 St James' House Tour - Part 1

I was heavily involved with my morning routine.   It was sometime in April, from what I could remember. 

5:30am. I get a gentle kiss from my Irish Wolfhound, Lucey Lou.

5:35 am  Now she is whining!

5:40am  Now she has that look of almost desperation in her eyes.   Those deep brown, almost human eyes, telling me " I NEED TO GO PEE"

She pushes her nose gently under the covers and rolls them back! NOW GET UP!

One foot out and then the other, I shuffled my way to the back door.  Opened it and the alarm went off!   Can't believe that I keep forgetting that I arm the house each night. 

I let  LUCEY out and Susie, her buddy. Run to the key pad, enter code.


Coffee has switched itself on.

Toast?  Yes, Irish Soda Bread, Kerrigold butter and marmalade; the nearest I will get to Ireland.  

iPad in hand I check my emails each day and reply in the morning. 

This can take quite some time.

It's now 8:30 am.  The phone rings and it is Betsy!

Betsy asked if I would be interested in putting the house on the 

St James' Homes and Gardens Tour.

I looked out the window and at my back yard. It looked terrible. I graciously declined, there was no way I could get all of my projects together on time. 

A phone call later to my son changed that decision. I called Betsy immediately "  May I change my mind?"