Mother's Day Memories

What a wonderful day for Mothers.  The fact that we may actually get a day off IS wonderful.  Some of us get to relax and some get to spend time with their children. Some may have an elderly Mum with precious days left here with us.  
I believe that being from across the pond that we should celebrate both Mother's days; the European one and, of course, ours here.  

It's about celebrating motherhood.  

My three boys, I believe, are die hard romantics!  One Mother's Day my two eldest served me breakfast in bed.  They were eight and four at the time.  They did a great job at not arguing in the kitchen and managed to give me salt instead of sugar in my coffee. Their three little faces beamed up at me.  They were so proud of their accomplishment.  
On another occasion one went to a neighbour's garden and plucked a tulip from it. He rang my doorbell and shouted "Happy Mother's Day!".  The tulip dangled from his little fist with the bulb still attached.  
I was invited by one to put on a pretty dress, put a bow in my hair and we would go to Niagara Falls, lie on the grass in a park and watch the stars. What a memory.  
This year they have all fled the nest. I have one near me and my time has been reserved Sunday "Mum were going hang gliding".  Wow, I know I'm going to have and incredible day.  

Here at Gite72, we are full for the weekend.  On Sunday morning I think our orange juice should have some fizz in it:)
To all the mothers out there, "Cheers" from Gite 72.